Further Education

Further dentistry training

(Activity as an instructor in bold)

Year Month Subject
2010 9 Muscular Parafunction/Bruxism/CMD NTI-tss-System
9 Curriculum Periodontology III
6 Curriculum Periodontology II
6 Gingival hyperplasia and acute myeloid Leukemia
5 Bullous Dermatosis
5 Communications training
4 Curriculum Periodontology I
4 Fibrous Dysplasia of the lower jaw
3 Selective contracts and QM
3 Nervous patients in the dental practice
2 Swelling of the cheeks
1 Submental masses
2009 12 Implantations in senior patients
12 Swelling on the floor of the mouth
12 The mouth and teeth as a joint problem between psychiatrists and dentist
12 Abscesses in the dental practice
11 Sinusitis maxillaris
11 Minimally invasive implant procedures
10 Endosseous tumors
9 QM in the dental practice
8 Swelling of the parotid gland during childhood
7 Treatment concepts for lips-jaw-gums-clefts
7 Hemophilia and dental care
7 Epidermolysis bullosa
6 The dentist as an entrepreneur
2 Update on prophylaxis – from the first to final teeth
2 Tips and tricks for dental care software
1 <b>Presentation: "QM in the Dental Practice"</b>
2008 12 New concepts for full prostheses
12 CAD/CAM-Systems for the practice
11 CMD practice check
9 Diagnosis of Madelung's Disease
9 Ethical boundaries for a market-oriented dentistry
9 Aesthetic provisions for hard tissue lesions
4 Concepts of CMD therapy
2 Pain therapy during CMD
2007 12 Non-infectious aphthae – Clinic and therapy
12 Effects of childhood illnesses on oral health
12 Viral diseases and their effects on the oral mucosa
11 Periodontitis and general health
11 <b>Presentation: "Functional analysis and therapy"</b>
9 Bone augmentation on the jaw
9 Orthodontics for dentists
6 Updating our knowledge of radiation protection
5 Orthodontic borderline cases
5 Prosthetic possibilities for a perfect reconstruction
4 Complications of endodontics
3 CAD CAM-manufactured restorations
2006 11 Marburger double crowns
9 Prophylactic concepts
6 Functional analysis and therapy for daily practice III
5 Functional analysis and therapy for daily practice II
5 Senior dentistry
3 ART-techniques in the practice
2 Functional analysis and therapy for daily practice I
1 Successful practice management
1 <b>Presentation: "Motivation in the dental practice"</b>
2005 11 Emergencies in the clinic
11 Periodontology plus
10 Practice planning and layout
9 Basics of taxes
8 Basics of financing
6 Basics of BWL
6 Dentistry and material science
5 Selected aspects of implantology
5 German medical congress
2004 12 Steglitz Symposium – Bone replacement surgery and PA
11 Zirconium oxide for daily practice
10 Physiotherapy for temporomanibular joint disorder (TMJD, TMJ or TMD)
7 Seminar on setting up a business
6 Double crown techniques - state of the art
5 Acupuncture and prosthodontics
3 Smoking and oral health
1 Perspectives for implantology


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