Anxious Patients

The tooth affects the entire person

The soul, body, and teeth are all part of a whole. Teeth that have been well-cared-for make a person feel more comfortable with himself. You're more likely to smile if you're proud of the teeth you'll be showing. Dental problems are a burden on one's life, day in and day out. They have a negative effect on one's nerves and well-being.

Let us know about any anxieties you may have from the moment you make your appointment. We will gladly take them into consideration and offer you a careful and gradual approach to treatment.

Initial interview in a neutral environment

A conversation in our conference room far away from the dentist's chair, to give  you a dental diagnosis, information, and advice.

Behavioral against fear

We'll help you practice being in the dentist's chair and rehearse the situation step by step. You have the control and can stop the treatment at any point in the procedure.

Sedative drug

In mild to moderate cases, herbal supplements have been proven to help. In difficult cases, we prescribe a professional sedative.

Audio Analgesia

Objective: relaxed treatment. Scientific studies have proven that listening to your favorite music through headphones can help alleviate pain and anxiety. We highly recommended this and you are welcome to bring your favorite CD.

Dental noise

If the typical noise in the dentist office bothers you, than it would be helpful to be exposed prior to a visit:


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